Wednesday, January 19, 2011

problem is a fren

    so boring in my life i ever had and many problem come in my life unexpectedly. so many choice to do for the course. yesterday i told my mum about the english workshop at uitm and my mama told me that the fee for that program is rm400 for 3 month. seem she dont want me to go to that program. so sad for me because i'd love to go to that program.        
     im just quiet after that. fortunately my fren told me that maybe my mum so busy to care about me. Once again i told my mum about the choice i've to choose and she said to me to taking bussiness. i want to be a design artist or about the art or something else. I wanna ask her if my thinking is right or not.Seem she really busy and i thought for myself to take account. I know she will frustrated if i dont taking the course that i've already learn in school.I want to learn something new.who else will support me.I always my own choice and mostly the choice are wrong.So i take my fren advice to listen to my mum. Im really confuse. Nobody will understand me because i dont really understand who i am. I must start to find myself.
   jike wujudlah sekolah tujuan, budak akan masuk sekolah tu dan akhirnye budak thu jgak aper tujuan hidup budak atas dunia ni. kalau ader sesiapa yang boleh support budak dari blakang,tolonglah ckp kt budak. sbb budak dh xtau dah dh aper bakti yang boleh budak buat kat dunia ni.