Monday, January 31, 2011

today, im feelin so bored. what im gonna do in my house if just watch tv read the novel that i must see dictionary always.and the most i do is eat,eat and eat. and after that z...z....z.... u know what i mean. so long ayah didnt go back to m'sia. really missed him so much. im pity to mama cause it already a long time ayah go to dubai. i think mama felt so lonely.pity on her. now is chinese new year holiday.
gong ci fa coi. to da chinese. recently i read my friend blog. their life so cheerful because she taking english class. i know its fee is expensive for me maybe so mama not  register me to the english session.
sometime im feel so suck because the life im actually want is always my friend get it. what about me?
is it not my time,god? im just waitin..
i must realise that we are not the perfect man in the world. but it hard for me cause im always look the people beside me always success on what they doing. when its gonna be my time??