Tuesday, January 25, 2011


kemarin pergi gim dgn mak. mmg best.Sementare exercise, smpat lg budak bermesra dgn seorang akak ni. dari uitm gak,tp sbg tenaga pengajar a.k.a lecturer. finally i can talked with someone.I thought its really cool for me because im already get older and im must talk to people not only my friend. my mum already talked about to be more talkative to her friend.Man or woman. when im in school i alredy not a type woman talked with other guy.Thats why my heart will beat fast and fast and  like i want to go to another place. nervous. that my problem.arini budak try bnyak gak tool. kt gim tu. at least more than two. he.he.he..
  at that gym, there's tutor that taught me so many about the exercise im doing at there. the instructor told me that  im so panic when  im on run track tool.(actually dont know wat the name of tool). im feeling so good. at there i can do a lot of thing.just exercise. and i still remember that my friend challenge me to loose some weight. hey,buddy, i will kept our promise.