Wednesday, March 16, 2011

ayah is gone!!

Hri ni best sangat2... ak drive sensorang jer hri nie since anis dh pas keter yesterday,ak la princess nyer hari ni.. ckgu ak ckp nk test ak maybe next week kot. debor msih ader,but i already have a little pieces of confidence la to do the test.but the prob. is i always drive an the engine was broom...broom... bushh.. u know wat i mean and after that i become panic and dont know wat to do next. so bad for me. but still have tomorrow. i must do better than today. wiish me luck. hari nie pun hari yang sedih for my family la cos ayah dh pegi brunei.hope he safe there cos ak dgr kt kudat,sabah ader gegaran akibat dri tsunami that happen kt japan tu.. dhla ak x minta maaf bnyak2.ak just salam n cium pipi dier.rser hiba sgt sbb ak rser bnyak sin ak dgn famili ak sbb kes ak melenting semalam. fuhh... hnyer allah yng mengetahui..