Monday, February 7, 2011

appreciate them

actually ak bru prasan yang slamer ni ayah mmg take care kat anak2 dier(including me) mser ak borak2 ksong, dgn angah ak, dier ckp ayah dh buat mcm2 kt kiter tp we dont realise it until he go to dubai,we felt something missin.he already help us to fill borang2,tnyer psl sekolah,always check bilik ank dare brsih ke tak walopun kami xsker n slalu jer suh kami berkmpul ramai2 bler sumer ader kt umah. taht thing make we realise that he really imporatant to us. so to all,appreciate the people that we always doesnt like they mumbled about something that we dont like or made the decission that we dont like.they know what to do cos they love us. skarang pun ak try untk listened to my parent,accepted what they decided to me and be more matured another time. sumer orng thu restu parent pnting untk khidupan kter. so cuber2 la hrgai org2  ni...

dad back!!!

my dad is already back!! my family so glad that he come home. since dad working at dubai, my family just stayed at home,even holiday for chinese new year. i know mama will boring but ayah told to her that he will come home as soon as possible. i pity to her. then mama got call from dad and the good news is dad came home on friday. on the next day my family and i went to mesra mall, watched 'khurafat'. its really interesting and moral value was in the movie.
pas tgok movie tu,kitorang pi melantakla plak. ak dh pakat dgn angah ak nk makn bihun kner beratur pnjg semata-mata bihun tomyam.ayah plak bg ak 20 inggit,hmm aper lg.. ak bli air buah glas bsar n angh abc..jgn mencontohi ak,bli yng bsar2,mlela x hbis. so i decided to pour some juice in my bihun's pot. he..he.. actually tu idea angh ak,so ak ikut jela. klu x mletup prut ak kat ctu, sper entah nak nolong..
mmg best dpt mkn angin walau untk 1 hari. its was a day to remember. thanx dad for the holiday. ;)